Reconditioned pasta machines, moulds and dies

All the refurbished pasta machines, moulds and dies that we offer to our customers are covered by our new "Ostoni ORO" guarantee.

Ostoni ORO (Original Rebuilt Ostoni) is not only a slogan, it is also a promise. Who else, if not a real machine shop on the market for many years, can be considered the best choice to overhaul and guarantee a pasta machine ? Ostoni, with its dedicated department, provides you with machines completely overhauled and guaranteed as new stuff: the guarantee that we apply on overhauled machines is the same as that which comes with new pasta machines ! Our mechanical workshops are able to build every original part and our staff of specialists follows every operation step by step; instruction and maintenance manuals are supplied with the machine, as well as the different certificates of conformity specific to each country.

Ostoni ORO, the best quality at the lowest price on the market !

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